• The law of drones

Autor Magdalena Ostrihansky, Marlena Sakowska-Baryła, M
Wydawnictwo Wolters Kluwer
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Rok wydania 2021
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Ico_Gray_17.gif [486 B] The first complete overview of drone regulations in the European Union provides legal commentaries to regulations on unmanned aircraft systems. It aims to answer many questions that arise when applying the new European regulations, to give tips and clues for different recipients (pilots, operators, employers, state aviation authorities) and to explain issues that may be unclear for lawyers but also people not used to working on acts of law.
The book contains detailed descriptions of how to meet the obligations of personal data protection in the case of data processing by means of drones and how to demonstrate the fulfilment of these obligations.
Ico_Gray_6.gif [752 B] This book is addressed to people who in their professional practice will apply European regulations governing the use of drones, their design, construction, introduction to the market, etc. These may include lawyers - persons providing legal assistance, judges, public administration officials but not only. The authors' intention, which is reflected in the construction of individual chapters and a broader presentation of practical issues, is that this book should be useful for people using aircraft in their professional activity - entrepreneurs providing services using them, involved in design, construction, marketing, as well as the certification process.
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