• South Africa

Autor Markus Hertrich, Christine Metzger
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In South Africa, at the southern tip of the African continent, one finds extreme deserts in the Kalahari at the border to Namibia, subtropical forests in the southeast, but also mountain ranges like the Drakensberg parallel to the Indian Ocean. Beaches, lush vineyards, and rugged cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope mark the diversity of the country. The Kruger National Park is home to large game in the interior. Namibia, located in southwestern Africa, is characterized by the Namib Desert along the Atlantic coast. To the north is the Etosha National Park, whose salt pan attracts numerous wild animals such as rhinos and giraffes. The landscape of Botswana, a landlocked country in South Africa, is desert on the one hand and a huge river delta with seasonal flooding on the other, a habitat for lush vegetation and many animals. This volume presents these three states in more than 500 pictures. The natural spectacle and animal world could not be more contrasting.